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What Is SEO And How Does It Works?

With the world turning digital in every aspect, data both big and small comprised in webpages are competing to create their niche and get recognized in digital platforms. From spotting the nearest coffee shop to ordering from the best mall in the city, we have started to depend on google to tell us what, where, when, and why! Our trust in the internet services is only deepening day by day in one or the other way as what we are looking for is always being met by the web browsers!

What is SEO?

How does the web understand our preferences and list down the data that we are looking for is where SEO comes to play! Search engine optimization helps web pages to get ranked, improve the quality and quantity of traffic through organic search engine results. Organic here means unpaid ranking that a website gets through optimization.


How does SEO work?

To get a clearer picture of this, let’s take an example. Say, you are looking for the best-handcrafted gift. As you type it out the web browser has crawlers that go in search of all information related to the keyword you entered and then the search engine builds an index of the collected data. The indexing algorithm sorts down the list in such a way that it best matches the keyword you typed on your screen. Thus SEO helps index algorithm in ranking the most relevant website first and thus build an ordered data. And this is very much important as we want our website to stand first because most often people only browse through the beginning few websites listed and ignore the rest. We don’t usually swipe to page 2 for the list of things we are searching for but rather be content with the best that’s already provided.

For ranking, the search engines’ algorithm takes into account link authority features, Domain level brand features, social metrics, and keywords used. Counting upon it all, the webpages are listed from the most to least relevancy of what’s being searched for!


How to apply SEO into one’s website?

SEO analytics helps one understand whether one’s website is getting ranked or not. The data provides the source of people, the place they are from, the gadget they used to search, etc. You may wonder what does the gadget has to do with SEO? It falls in the Optimization part of SEO, where making one’s website mobile-friendly helps in gaining more traffic to it. The usage of the right keywords, especially more long-tail keywords get the right audience to your webpage. Unique content, with images given attributes and enough internal and external links, add value to your site. Title tags and meta-descriptions are a must to leverage your SEO!

SEO is a tactic mastered through comprehending analytical tools and applying it into data both in front and back end to drive more and the right kind of visitors to your website. As the Google algorithm keeps getting updated, the SEO keeps on evolving and they are interlinked to provide the organic search results to us. SEO specialists work on bringing their website ranked organically as it has got commercial value too. SEO thus becomes the hot button icon of everything!

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